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Reasons Why Mount Laguna San Diego is a Great

The gem of the Linda Vista neighborhood is the gorgeous campus of the University of San Diego, perched on a mesa overlooking Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. No wonder its name translates to “pretty view” in Spanish.

In the early 1940s, San Diego underwent the transformation to industrial city, much of it based on the relocation of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. An enormous amount of new housing was needed for the 41,000 employees and their families, and, so, Linda Vista was born. Workers from Ryan Aircraft and Rohr Aircraft joined the effort to prepare the U.S. and the Allied forces to win WWII, causing a population boom in San Diego, which necessitated the federal government building 3,000 housing units. Although they were originally intended to be temporary, tenants won the right to purchase their homes in the 1950s without the racial restrictions present in other parts of the city.

Today, Linda Vista remains one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city.

Here are five reasons to consider purchasing a home on the hill with the million-dollar views.

Here’s a quick rundown of our list:

Linda Vista is located near the I-5 and I-8 and bordered by State Route 163. Though 50% of the community primarily relies on cars for transportation, there are public options available to residents as well. Both buses and trains service the neighborhood in several locations, primarily along the main artery of Linda Vista Road.

As previously mentioned, Linda Vista enjoys breathtaking views of Mission Bay and the ocean, while being centrally located in the city of San Diego. It’s comprised of a number of smaller neighborhoods, including Alcala Knolls, Casa Bella, Central Linda Vista, Chesterton, Fashion Heights, Friars Road, Friars Village, Linda Vista Hills, Linda Vista Village, Manon Terrace, Mission Heights, North Rim, Overlook Heights, Silver Terrace, University Canyon, and Wheatly.

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Families in Linda Vista not only have the inspiring influence of the University of San Diego in the neighborhood, they also have a wealth of earlier educational opportunities, as well as family-friendly recreational options. gives the schools of Linda Vista a B+ rating. The area boasts two high schools, one K-12 institution, three elementary schools, one middle school, one Catholic school, and one charter school, so there’s no need to leave the neighborhood to find a suitable option.

Families will also enjoy the Bayside Community Center, visiting the Linda Vista Library, or honing their skateboarding skills with some of the world’s best at Linda Vista Skateboard Park, the largest park of its kind in San Diego and one of the largest in the entire state of California. Anticipation ran so high for its opening, it was impossible to keep people out before the official opening. Don’t be too intimidated, though; there’s something for every level to enjoy, and the park is free to use.

If you prefer something more old school, you can also get your Xanadu on at Skateworld, the roller rink.

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Linda Vista owes its existence to the population boom San Diego experienced during WWII.

Before that time, the city relied on tourism and real estate for its prosperity, and well-to-do society had little interest in planning for any other outcome. With the war effort, tens of thousands of immigrants and minorities streamed into the city to fill job vacancies. Just as the lack of white men opened the doors for white women to enter the workforce en masse, the same was true for other groups that typically faced insurmountable discrimination.

Linda Vista was haphazardly built to address the city’s crisis-level housing shortage and restrictions present in many other parts of San Diego fell to the wayside here.

Today, Linda Vista remains one of San Diego’s most diverse communities.

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As if being in a coastal city like San Diego wasn’t gratifying enough, Linda Vista residents who enjoy non-aquatic activities have another asset in their neighborhood: Tecolote Canyon Natural Park & Nature Center.

Used as a place to graze cattle until the 1950s (much to the chagrin of residents who found cows wandering through their backyards), the city acquired the land in the late 1970s.

Today, locals enjoy jogging, hiking, and mountain biking the trails through the canyon, as well as the educational programs presented at the Nature Center.

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According to Redfin, the real estate outlook for Linda Vista is solid, as it is in so much of the San Diego region, thanks to a tight market and ever-increasing demand. Fortunately, for those interested in this particular neighborhood, the number of homes for sale has increased by 21.9% since last June. You might not want to wait too long to jump in, though, considering asking prices have also increased by 17% during that same time period.

At this point, median list price is $515K, while median sale price is $537K.

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