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Why to invest in ongoing projects in Dadar Global

Today modern urban living offers incredible comforts. But these luxuries come at the cost of damaging the environment which is actually a known fact as taught to us is schools yet are actions are limited. Perhaps that is why India is the fourth most significant contributor to greenhouse gases in the world today.

However, it is never too late to begin, and there is always a way you can help safeguard the ecosystem. Therefore the concept of green homes is catching up and with good reason of bringing in sustainability.

A huge difference is possible only if we reduce your energy usage, water usage and make the best use of household waste.

Green homes are the ones that use solar energy for electrical needs like heating, cooling, and daily upkeep. Thus, by using solar energy, which is cleaner than fossil fuels, we can protect the environment from greenhouse gases.


Today all the reputed builders such as Ashwin Sheth in their residential projects in Thane and Mulund have rainwater harvesting plants. This a one of the most profitable ways of lowering dependence on municipal water supply by sourcing water from natural water bodies. In addition, by filtering used drained water from kitchens, bathrooms, washing machines, and gardens communities can nearly help conserve the 2% natural water of the world.

Likewise, composting of biodegradable home waste into fertilizers for use in gardens is an excellent way to reduce domestic waste. This is an ingenious way, of transforming home waste, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills, causing land and air pollution.

Hence, mother earth can be conserved by recycling resources; this will not only reduce the stress on nature but also undo a lot of already caused damage.


It may seem that the purchase and installation of Energy efficient appliances could be expensive to start off, but eventually, you can save on thousands in bills through the lifetime of the appliance. They are definitely profitable as they are an investment rather than an expense. Such investments create sustainable units for living which initiate a green living mindset as they help save a lot of money in the long term. It is as simple as eating home-cooked meals as we know it saves a lot of money and protects the environment from unnecessary wastage of resources.

Also to improve your health and quality of life, Wall paints are the leading cause of indoor air pollution which are now easily protected by eco-friendly, non-VOC paints These paints bring down the health hazards caused by inhaling the fumes of their VOC counterparts.

This means as a resident of a green home you enjoy the benefits of optimal indoor temperature, excellent airflow, and natural lighting without stepping out of your home or investing in expensive appliances. With heat, light, and air taken care of, you’ll experience an instant gain in overall health and life.

In order to take make “green” more popular among residential property in Mumbai are going the sustainable way. This allows property holders to build or rebuild their homes into eco-friendly and sustainable spaces. Ashwin Sheth believes in the Green Philosophy builds new projects in Mumbai.

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