061: Dave Ramsey vs. Robert Kiyosaki - Is Debt Good or Bad?
Dave Ramsey vs Robert Kiyosaki Is Debt Good

What’s the deal with debt? Is it a crucial tool for building wealth or a detrimental curse to a person’s long-term financial health?

In this episode, we’re talking about two competing ideologies from two GIANT names in the business and personal finance space – Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki.

Dave Ramsey is perhaps the most well-known radio personality who introduces each of his radio shows saying,

“Debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid-off home mortgage has taken the place as the BMW as the status symbol of choice.”

Robert Kiyosaki has sold tens of millions of books, and is noted for saying things like,

“Good debt helps you get rich, Bad debt makes you poor: If you want to get rich, load up with ‘good debt’. When you want to become rich fast, it is important to have enough starting capital, and borrowing ‘good debt’ helps multiply the capital that you start with.”

They can’t both be right… or can they?

We’ll explain our thoughts in this episode.

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