Joaquín Alverde
UX Portfolio Pt — Always work for a great purpose

Delparque Case Study

To develop outstanding products, you need a meaningful purpose to empower your team leaders and clear guidelines to enhance company processes.

I led the rebranding and creation of a design system in delparque, giving clarity to strategies and bringing efficiency to product design.

Role: Started as Graphic Designer and end up as Head of UX.
Status: 7 Live Websites
Time: Two Years.
Skills: Product Strategy, Product Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, Visual Design, Branding, Marketing, Pitching, Leadership.

I’ve been working in delparque for almost four years, one of the biggest Real Estate developers in Mexico City. I’m currently Head of UX, in charge of improving customer’s buying experience.

I’m impressed with how fast things are moving today. You need to adapt to the market’s speed and be prepared to ship products in no time. Before showing any wireframes or mockups of my work, I find it interesting to share the importance of spreading design culture between colleagues to achieve better results.

Let me tell you a little bit about the project that helped me fund the user experience team in the company.

Within a couple of months working in delparque, I realized that they barely existed on the web. Their websites were poorly designed, and almost every marketing effort was made through traditional media. They were printing everything and doing very little in digital.

One of my first projects was the company’s CV, so I grabbed all the info and built an online portfolio using Squarespace. When it reached the directors, they couldn’t believe it. They told me they spent months on their previous website and thought that making a responsive website was too expensive. It was enough to convince them to let me invest more time into digital projects.

A big idea came to the table. Why don’t we rebrand the company before developing new websites? This will help us to reposition our brand with the projects coming on the pipeline, have a unified look, and let people know that we are now in the big leagues. This was a great chance to build a system that we could use for all our design needs.

Before putting my hands to work, one of the directors told me:

— Hey! Please keep it simple. Imagine this.

“What if we could fit everything here.”

When we think about space, it can be very complicated, and at the same time, too simple. Architecture has an immense influence on the emotional and psychological well-being of humans. It’s one of the few user experiences that can last for a lifetime. Imagine living uncomfortable, or working in a terrible workspace? I think we have a big commitment to society.

The reason I want to share with you the branding results is because it leads to a change of mindset. We needed to be more human-centered and focus on the experience of every product we designed, including internal processes, business, architecture, marketing, and customer relationships.

A seamless brand will help us enhance our communication, promote clarity, and deliver the correct message to our clients.

Logo transformation — Welcome to motion branding

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