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Millennials are a different generation to the ones that came before them, and it’s often tricky to please them if you belong to any of the earlier generations. The modern age has brought on new tastes, and if you are in the business of renting properties to a market that usually consists of millennials, it will be tough to make it appealing to them.

You can do the research yourself to find the ideal architectural designs for millennial rooms, or you can read on and find out here. We’ve researched for you and saw the very things that the millennials expect to score from an architecturally designed room.

Unlike the earlier generations, the modern ones, starting with millennials, prefer smaller spaces. It used to be a big home with large rooms that most people loved, but now it’s entirely the opposite. Millennials like to travel, go out, and all in all, spend less time in their homes. Additionally, most millennials have huge and long-term student loans to pay off.

For all these reasons they prefer smaller rooms in smaller homes as that won’t cause their finances to plummet.

Additionally, you should know that this is the general trend for most rooms, but many millennials do love larger living rooms as well.

The number of people working from home is on the rise, and those increases generally are attributed to millennials. That means that they often love to have a room that can be a workspace as well.

Naturally, no single design works best here, and the general idea is that space is modern and provides a relaxing environment for work.

Research is often done to determine the general tastes in the home and room design for millennials. According to it, there are several things that they love:

  • Hardwood floors never get old, and millennials adore them as well, especially hand-scraped wood floors.
  • A lot of natural light is imperative. Rooms require large windows; the more of them, the better.
  • Any favorite room design that incorporates technology is a must-have for every millennial.
  • Many architects and designers whose customers are usually millennials say that they like a clean look that’s less traditional and more transitional and modern.
  • There needs to be space for customization as millennials love to research new ideas and DIY in their homes.
  • Being environmentally friendly is essential to a vast majority of millennials, which is why many architectural designs incorporate this and use green materials and shared resources. Rooms end up reflecting this sustainability consciousness that’s also transferring to the generations coming after millennials.

Millennials have changed much about how the world operates, and that is reflected in their homes as well. The ideal home for a millennial is entirely different to what it was before. It is something every property owner needs to take note of if they’re going to rent properties to the most populous generation at the moment. For more information on this, you may reach us at

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