Braden Georgeson
You mean I can make money from this Braden

Hey it’s me. That guy who wrote those 2 things you didn’t read. I’m writing to tell you more about interesting life. Thanks for reading.

I just spent $6,031 dollars US on a 8 week self help program. Immediately that raises eyebrows. Why would you do such a thing? Isn’t it better to save your money. What value does this course have? Are you retarded?

These are all things that ran through my head briefly as I chatted with the nice salesman on the phone.

So.. why did I do it? The answer is, I don’t really know.

I mean, I can consciously tell you the explanations I have in my head as to why I THINK I did.

I want to make a lot of money, I don’t like working 9–5 jobs. I believe I’m destined for greater things than a boring job, getting another degree and wasting away in front of a TV screen while drinking wine.

Still. Tell any of your acquaintances you spent 6 grand on something that isn’t a car, a holiday or something pertaining to entertainment and watch their eyes pop out of their head. Never mind the accumulative cost of drugs and alcohol over a 10 year period, combined with the lost opportunity cost of inaction. They are all hidden things. You can push them to the back of your mind and not worry about them day to day, until it springs out unexpectedly. To your dismay.

‘’Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all’’ — Helen Keller

And she was deaf and blind. Can you imagine what kind of adventures a deaf and blind person can have? You’d have to have a vivid imagination. Smell, taste and touch. That’s enough for an adventurous life.

But I digress. Part of me wants to ramble on how the people around me want me to be exactly like them, and drag me into mediocrity. All the while I’ve done nothing of supreme value that warrants the perspective that I’m capable of other things.

‘’The ancestor to every action is a though’’ — Ralph Waldo Emerson

So before I become successful, I have to think that I can become successful. Otherwise I’m fucked. Instead I’ll look to my environment for references of what to be, and my mirror neurons will mould me into something mundane. Not as boring as an accountant — and I don’t think I have the willpower to do something as monotonous as being a glorified abacus.

I like to joke that I’m too smart for a trade, and too dumb for a degree. It honestly seems that way sometimes.

Anyone who’s had the displeasure of sitting in a lecture they don’t like, trudging to a tutorial they don’t like, only to come home and do work they don’t like can know the ennui of a foolish degree.

Do you ever get sick of recounting the same lame experiences that happened two years ago in justification for where you are at now? Forget two years ago, how about 15? 16? 17? 18?

I’m starting to. It’s funny, because on one hand you can look at your past and pick moments that steered you to where you are today, and you can look for traumas that influence the way you perceive the world, limiting your actions. But then you can get stuck reflecting on those negative things over and over in the hope that you’ll release them in some specific way. Instead you just get angry at the fact that they happened to you, developing a victim complex and going nowhere.

So on Saturday the 29th of February I will commence my self help odyssey, then go to Los Angeles for more self help, then go to Sydney in September for Tony Robbins. If I can’t be cured of my ailments and achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS maybe this stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Then again it might just be my fault for not applying the principles. Who knows. Success is a formula isn’t it? You just replicate what people have done before you and Ta-Dah.

You are now ‘’it’’.

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