What colors should I use while designing a logo for my real estate business?
What colors should I use while designing a logo for

In the land industry, as in every other industry, there are certain colors that are more common within the land logos. Blue, on the highest. Followed by black, green, grey, then red, orange, yellow, and so on.

Is there a reason that these colors dominate this industry? Any science behind it?

You bet there’s.

Color psychology tells us that there are certain color choices that evoke certain feelings in people. Even taking into consideration the subjective experiences of individuals with different colors which will make their perceptions different than the majority, the fact remains that some colors do have universal meaning.

And designers, artists, marketers, and advertisers have long used these universal meanings to make art and sell products. Since blue, green, grey, and red, etc. are so preferred over other colors by the important estate experts, what’s the importance of those colorful logos to selling the property?

Let’s determine.

1. Blue:

Blue is an industry favorite. It belongs to the cool and calming area of the color spectrum. It also signifies dependability, trustworthiness, and strength. Blue is the color of the leaders of the important estate industry.

This industry guru has signified its dominance on the market with a solid block of blue color with prominent white typography — extremely impactful, yet simple.

Prudential’s logo uses a white background and makes blue the centerpiece.

Another color that always accompanies blue during a land developer logo is red.

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2. Red

Red may be a color of strength, appeal, bravery, and excitement. it’s a color of determination and keenness. If you’re a realtor who knows the way to turn risks into returns, accompany the color red in logo design. As RE/MAX, ERA, and Keller Williams did.

3. Black:

Black is the color of elegance, sophistication, and power. variety of land firms that deal in exclusive, luxury land adopt black, grey and gold as their trademark colors.

This is why Hilton & Hyland, the posh land brokers from LA, Aaron Kirman, another LA luxury land expert, and therefore the Habibi Group of San Francisco, all share black as their logo color.

4. Green:

After blue, red, and black, it’s the color green that features the foremost in commercial realtor logo designs. Green personifies fertility, growth, and stability. it’s a color of endurance, calm, and tranquility. it’s also the color of cash.

The real estate leaders who have opted with green as their dominant color the brand are Kentwood land, Big Block Realty, and Florida Premier Realty.

5. Orange:

Orange is most frequently selected by land agents that deal in localities that are closer to beaches and ocean, as orange indicates sunshine, openness, and enthusiasm. If you’re a longtime land business in Florida, for instance, an ingenious logo splashed with orange isn’t a nasty idea.

Some more colors that crop up on logos for estate agents are brown, yellow, and purple. Pink is additionally becoming a hot favorite as 2019 is all about challenging old notions and embracing the new.

You can very easily understand the color wheel of color all the designer have to know it

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