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The left lies a lot, but the right isn’t innocent either.

The left media lies to spin their own agenda. I can’t think of how many times that they have made up something about Donald Trump because they don’t like him and want him to be removed from office: for example, that whole impeachment hearing was bs and they know it. Plus, Nancy Pelosi acts like a child, but I digress. Republicans also aren’t the cream of the crop either. As long as you do what you want them to, they are blind to everything else going on around them. For example: the impeachment hearing. They didn’t even consider halfway listening to the evidence because Donald Trump is their little puppet doing exactly what they want him to do.

In Washington’s Farewell Address, he advised for the American people to stick together as a unit and advised NOT to form political parties. Why, do you ask? because they have done nothing but divide us since the day they were formed. Society forms groups naturally because humans are social by nature; that’s bound to happen, but we force each other to join these groups and “you’re weird if you aren’t in one.” Because the two most popular parties are Democrats and Republican, that’s what’s being shoved in our faces and the people that run for president typically run as these two parties because that is what will get them the most attention. This then puts America in a cycle of never getting anything done. If every 4 to 8 years there is going to be someone in office that is just trying to undo everything that the last person did then we aren’t ever going to move forward with anything; in fact, we’ll just be in a tug-of-war with ourselves. I’m fairly young (not even 20) and in my history classes, I was not taught that there were other political parties until I was in college to be perfectly honest. It’s like from the womb we are taught to hate those that aren’t like us and until we break this cycle, we will never get anything done.

Instead of bashing those that don’t agree with us, we should try to see the world from their point of view and, being respectful to their beliefs, express ours. When we do get on one accord or can at least agree to disagree, we will put someone in office that will not force their personal beliefs onto the nation, but someone that will put policies in place that assure that we can be who we want to be and make decisions for ourselves. We won’t be constantly told what we can and cannot do.

To me, both sides have things they need to work on and until something changes, I will be independent/only voting for a person that I feel aligns with my political (not personal) beliefs. And if at any point, a candidate decides that they will build their campaign upon getting rid of the previous person’s policies, unless it is just awful, I will not even consider voting for them.

This is just my opinion based off of the life that I’VE lived.

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