Noe Neighbors at Odds Over a Potential “Devaluing” (Of Views)
Noe Neighbors at Odds Over a Potential “Devaluing” Of Views

Plans to triple the size of the little 1,093-square-foot, two-bedroom Noe Valley home at 762 Duncan Street have been drawn and environmentally approved, plans which would yield a modern 3,229-square-foot home, designed “to accommodate an elderly parent moving in with the property owners,” with a three-bedroom addition atop the home and a new “office”/in-law suite behind a (to be) tandem two-car garage.

Opposing said vision, however, is the owner of the uphill home, with a stated concern over the loss of natural light to her home’s living space and second floor, along with an anticipated “devaluing” of her home from “having to look at [a] 3 story home right up next to [her’s]” (not to mention a partial loss of her home’s downtown and Bay views).

And as such, a Discretionary Review (DR) of the aforementioned plans has been formally requested, with the neighbor seeking to have the (view-blocking) second and third floors of the project further setback (8 to 10 feet).

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