The End Of Retirement FiveFigureFire

If your life is anything like mine, then you probably have those good days… and those not so good days. There are times when we can feel on top of the world. The feeling that life is working in our favor and good things are happening, propelling us forward. Yet there are other times when the opposite seems true. Where one day can be great, the next can knock us in the gut and make it seem that our life is going nowhere or nothing is happening to our own benefit.

In my line of work, I often deal with high end clients. Many of them live in very nice upscale houses outfitted with new kitchens, floors, furniture and all the other fixings that scream “I have money and like nice things!”

What bothers me most about some of these people is just how unhappy or annoyed they can be when something so simply unimportant goes wrong. Compared to other people’s problems, there’s can be so objectively small that it makes me stop and think about the importance of gratitude and the effect it can have on ones happiness and outlook on the world.

The next moment you find yourself feeling hopeless, or just overall down about life, I challenge you to do think about this.

If you are alive today ( which if you are reading these words congratulations, because you are) then there is one simple way to possibly redirect those bad vibes you have and flip your mindset around.

It’s a wild concept that often gets overlooked in todays bustling world full of distractions and busy-ness. Something that many of us don’t take the time to consider, and that is gratitude.

So next time you are facing a problem, feeling down, or focusing what I call a “non-problem”, frame your position in life this way.

By just breathing you have won the “lottery of life”. The odds of you being alive right now, or at all, are near freaking impossible.

If you make more than $30,000 a year, then you are in the top 1% of wealth on the planet. You make more money in one year than many people will earn in an entire lifetime of work.

You most likely have working electricity, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and the holy Internet all available to you. These things were not so common just a few generations ago.

With a few clicks you can get access to information on just about everything and learn anything you want. Social media allows you to connect to whoever you want whenever you want.

The point is, we often get so caught up in the small problems or inconveniences of life and forget the bigger picture. There are not a lot of reasons why you should get so upset about things if you can take a step back and be thankful for what you do have.

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