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What sense is there to work for innovative technology if the end user doesn’t exist?

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Let’s imagine that in 2021 children stop being born in the world at all. At once, everyone will be barren without their will and people become really child free.

If we start to think about it from a childfree followers point of view, it looks very nice. No one asks to get into line without waiting, or not to smoke, either to speak loudly, it will be only pleasure to fly with no children. Then all moms groups and communities would close. And all kids brands, factories, baby food corporations would close too. We wouldn’t need any hospitals for kids and pediatricians in general. After some time all kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions would close.

Colossal amount of people would lose their jobs.

To consider this fact from the world economic area, children are a direct way to develop the economy. Producing progeny people strive for more. In addition, even a kid makes a family think about improving the financial situation. We want to ensure today’s comfort immediately and think about the future. In general a family starts to spend twice as much money, simultaneously trying to save money for their and children’s future. Therefore, the permanent cycle happens in the economy, and in the world overall.

Basically, childbearing is the driving force of everything that we use today.

It provides all the motivation. What sense is there to work for innovative technology if the end user doesn’t exist? Under such circumstances, all the research gradually would stop. People are slowly getting older.

On average, people’s life has been lasting for 65–75 years, so the overall growing old would be in 50 years.

Now it doesn’t sound so enthusiastic. But someone definitely would have work, they would be psychologists, the last generation exactly will need them.

A human being is spiritually and physically created at the same time. A person can’t progress at one thing discarding another one. There are basic instincts, that some of us have more or less. One of them is to sire children.

Getting rid of children means destroying core mechanisms of existing people on the Earth and finally getting rid of people.

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