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19-year-old turn his old stuff into loads $25,000 CAD

Be honest with yourself. How much of the valuables in your home do you actually use? Think about it. I bet can think of at least a few items that were rarely or never used, things that still have the price tag on them. Or worse, brand new items that are unopened sitting in a corner. Don’t be ashamed, you’re not alone. Canadians, in general, have too much ‘stuff’. The irony is that we often complain about not having enough money yet we own a mountain of useless stuff that we were once convinced we needed to buy. But what if we could turn ‘stuff’ back into money?

19-year-old Francis Mejia of Brampton, Ontario has been doing just this. he has sold over 500 items on Flipppit and has earned over $25,000 by selling his old electronics and things he bought over the years but never used. It’s crazy to even imagine that someone that young could even have that much value in things they don’t need. But it’s not just Francis. So many of us use things once and never look in their direction again. Some of us even get gifts and never actually use or need them. I myself am quite guilty. I spent thousands on new snowboarding gear, only to later realize that I can’t stand the cold or the bruised rear end.

In the western world, it’s a norm to have things you don’t need and sometimes it’s not that you bought it without a need, but that it has already served its purpose and is now useless to you. There is some real truth in the famous phrase ‘one mans trash is another man’s treasure’.

Often we look at our stuff and think ‘no one would actually buy this’ or ‘nobody in their right mind would want this thing”. However, we can’t let our own perception of what is ‘good’ or ‘useful’ deter us from reselling our new and used goods. Maybe you have an old computer that doesn’t work anymore but someone may need it for the hardware/parts. Or maybe you have an old dusty armchair that a furniture designer would love to re-upholster. There really is no magic book that decides what is considered valuable. Super old things often get a fancy name like ‘antique or ‘collectible’.

The next time you’re short on rent, or just need cash flow, take a good look around the room. After all, if a 19-year-old boy can earn $25,000 using a free online marketplace like Flipppit or Kijiji then you and I can too.

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