41 FREE Street Photography Documentaries You Can Watch Now
FREE Street Photography Documentaries You Can Watch Now

There’s a lot of Street Photography documentaries out there, and the good news is, many are available for watching right now in streaming. I’ve gone ahead and compiled all of the documentaries I could find and put them below. Enjoy!

Street Photography Documentaries

Here’s the videos below, simply click to play. If the videos are part of a series, I’ve added them there. If the photographer has more than one, I’ve put them under their own headings.

Vision and images

This is a stellar series with live interviews with the photographers themselves.

Harry Callahan

Cornell Cappa & Burke Uzzle

Elliott Erwitt

Horst P. Horst

Joel Meyerowitz

Duane Michals

Barbara Morgan

Arnold Newman

Frederic Sommers

Garry Winnogrand

BBC Masters of Photography Series

This is an old series by the BBC in 1983 that features interview with then contemporary photographers. Most of them were still alive back then, and contains the photographers themselves or relatives talking about them.

Diane Arbus

Andre Kertesz

Alfred Stieglitz

Ansel Adams

Bill Brandt

Andreas Feininger

Jacques Henri Lartigue

PBS American Masters

A series focused on notable american artists, and that of course includes some photographers. They were on Youtube but taken down, you can still watch them online on PBS’s website. Only one is available to stream below.

Richard Avedon

BBC The adventure of Photography

By far, the best documentary on photography. It goes trough a sweeping history and impact of images.

History of Photography

These are documentaries that are photography history related

Photographic History (BBC) 1

Photographic History (BBC) 2

Photographic History (BBC) 3

Lomo photography history

The first digital camera

Ansel Adams

Henri Cartier Bresson

Joel Meyerowitz

Individual Photographers

William Eggleston

Garry Winnogrand

Sam Abell

Daido Moriama

Martin Parr

Annie Leibovitz

William Klein

Paul Strand

Saul Leiter


Street Photography Course

While these documentaries offer insights and information about the photographers and their work, they do not offer a step-by-step framework to do street photography. If you want a method that makes outstanding street photography, check out the Photactic Street Photography Course.

Updates to Street Photography Documentaries

I plan to update this page often as I find new interesting documentaries. If you want to be notified, please join my photography newsletter.

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