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How coronavirus has affected real estate Anastasia Vladi

Tom Cox, Author: 21st-Century Yokel (2017), Help The Witch (2018), Ring The Hill (2019), Shirley Jackson Horror Writing Award winner, recently asked his subscribers on Twitter whether it is right to let real estate agents carry out a viewing of the house during the coronavirus epidemic:

Using our special data analysis tool, we managed to analyze the most popular answers and reveal the top 5 most followed Twitter users among respondents.

The majority of respondents decided to refuse estate agents to view the house.

Among the most popular answers were for example the following:

Some answers were rather funny:

As for the most popular words and phrases we’ve received automatically a cloud of tags:

The below figure illustrates the top 5 most followed Twitter users among respondents:

The answer of the most followed Twitter user among respondents @YESthatcherDead was very comprehensive and logical:

Besides, the ‘DOWNLOAD XLSX REPORT button allows us to export all answer details into an Excel spreadsheet:

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