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How to Build a Profitable Real Estate Business in Three

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Have you ever noticed how the more things seem to change, the more things essentially stay the same? For example…

In the late 1990’s and 2000’s cold call prospecting, knocking on doors, and canned presentations reigned supreme. It was tough to grow a business in those days and burn out was common, but many agents pulled it off and a dedicated few who created a system and worked the system actually made a ton of money (they worked really, really hard).

With the introduction of 800 numbers, text marketing, and everyone having cell phones, PCs and laptops, direct response marketing took root in the industry and literally changed the way many of us conduct business. To the agents engaged — to those who created a system and worked the system — direct response meant getting back their nights and weekends, less stress, and certainly less rejection. It meant automatic lead generation, automatic follow up systems, and guaranteed growth of their business based upon an ever-increasing referral base. It meant working smarter, not harder and, in many cases, working once (to create a profitable ad, mailer, or system) and then letting the system make profits!

The internet and real estate went hand in hand. The internet was a medium that, again, promised to revolutionalize the industry by making it even easier, faster, and less expensive to get your name, face and occupation in front of the perfect demographic mix — educated, middle-aged, high income earning buyers and sellers. And sure enough… for those savvy enough to invest their time, energy and resources into this new medium to create a system and work the system… the internet has produced outstanding results!

We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and we can expect to see many, many more. But in the midst of all this apparent chaos, the basics of real estate success (or success in any field for that matter) remain the same:

Create a profitable system and work the system.

In fact, if you take a close hard look at the top 3% of producers, ALL of them have one thing in common: they ALL created a workable, profitable system(s) and then simply worked the system(s) — again and again and again.

So over the course of the next few months, we are going to outline a step-by-step strategy to create workable, profitable systems to help grow your business. Specifically, we are going to outline a 3-Step Marketing System that is guaranteed to dramatically increase your business if you make a commitment to master the processes and apply systems.

In other words, we are going back to basics. And by going back to basics, we will learn how to build the perfect marketing machine — a combination of proven marketing systems designed for the sole purpose of helping you CLOSE more deals.

Nothing more… and nothing less.

Remember… the ONLY way you will make more money in this business is by CLOSING more deals. And the only way to close more deals is to “feed the funnel” with bona-fide prospects, and spend the majority of your time working face-to-face and belly-to-belly with these prospects. In fact, anytime you are NOT working with a bona-fide client — including when you are prospecting, designing a new brochure, making your marketing the best it can be, adding listings to the MLS, cold calling, previewing homes, cleaning up your database, studying your competition, etc., — you are working for FREE and are not making a dime. To grow your business you HAVE to find a way to automatically and continuously “feed the funnel” and follow up so you can spend your time where it matters… working with bona-fide prospects, closing deals and making money.

The Perfect Marketing System Formula

In the next few months we will outline a 3-step sequence of marketing strategies designed to help you grow your business to any income level you want. We will cover:

Step One: Create targeted, emotional response marketing systems.

We will spend quite a bit of time here because the foundation of your business all boils down to how well you can design systems to automatically and continuously MOTIVATE PROSPECTS TO CALL YOU or take the next step in your marketing process. In other words we are talking about leads, leads, and more leads. How to “fill the funnel” by using a variety of proven lead generation systems both online and off. Learn these skills and you can literally create any income level in this you want.

Step Two: Create momentum by leveraging your current clients.

In this step we will discuss a variety of ways to double, even triple your production by automatically generating more business from your current buyers and sellers. This is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business and, tragically, one of the most overlooked. Again, we’ll cover strategies you can embrace both online and off.

Step Three: Create an endless referral strategy.

A recent NAR survey indicates most top producers obtain over 60% of their business via referrals from their personal network of family, friends, acquaintances, prospects and previous clients. This step is all about building CUMULATIVE results that grow and last forever. This step is also all about building a business that is not only self-sustaining and self-perpetuating but one that is saleable… because I don’t know about you, but my goal is to retire someday and enjoy the fruit of my labor without any additional labor!

So there you go — there’s the outline of what we will cover in the Soar Agent Real Estate Marketing Mastery over the next few months. Of course, we’ll continue to keep you up-to-date on the latest online marketing systems, and we’ll break the “format” every now and then to bring you some other powerful insights — but our focus will be to provide you with a systematic, step-by-step system for growing your business and while I can’t guarantee everything we will present will have a positive affect on your business… I can guarantee you will double or even triple your business if you simply stick around, commit to making a change, and work the majority of systems we present.

Here’s the format we’ll follow:

1. Each month we will cover the next “section” in our 3-Step Marketing System strategy and provide the education, secrets, and a number of proven strategies that we are currently aware of.

2. Then, at the end of the article, we will announce the topic of next month’s “section” and here’s what we would like YOU to do…

  • Read the overview,
  • Determine if YOU ALREADY HAVE a proven, documented system, strategy, campaign, presentation, script, brochure, flyer, or any other marketing element that address the next month’s topic, and
  • Send us a copy of your proven system, strategy or campaign.

And, if we publish your proven marketing system, strategy, campaign, script or whatever… we’ll send you a $200 gift certificate you can use to renew your subscription, or use it towards any product or service we currently offer or will offer in the future.

By sharing your success we ALL benefit. You get a $200 gift certificate, national recognition, and the likelihood of generating some referral business from our members, and we get the benefit of your expertise! It’s win-win so I encourage you to participate and mail your proven campaigns to:

Here is the outline for next month:

STEP ONE — How to Create Targeted, Emotional Response Marketing Systems (an overview)

We’ll start the series by briefly touching upon the importance of creating automatic lead generation systems and a simple 7-step system you can use to create any number of lead generating systems that can be applied both online and off. Specifically, we will touch upon:

  1. Selecting the RIGHT MARKET
  2. How to Gain an Understanding of Your Market
  3. Creating an Emotional Marketing Message
  4. How to Cost-Effectively Deliver Your Message
  5. How to Get Prospects to Respond
  6. How to Convert Leads to Clients
  7. How to Measure, Test, and Turn Your Campaign into an Automatic Marketing System

We will then go into a comprehensive discussion of step one — Selecting the Right Market and step two Understanding Your Market and offer a number of helpful tools, tips, and secrets for making this work.

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