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Raising minimum wage to $15 will destroy the economy.


My mother has worked for the school board for almost 30 years. She’s about to retire in a few more years. She’s in the drop program.

After almost 30 years, she’s maxed out at $14.76 an hour. That’s as much as the school board pays head custodians. A new custodian makes $9.50.

Now, imagine, you’ve been working at your job for 15 years. You started off at $8.00. Now you’re making $14.50. You’ve busted your hump for those raises. Suddenly, everyone around you is earning a minimum of $15. Are you going to be satisfied getting a $.50 raise and making as little as the bottom rung?

Why would you stay at your job when you can go work as a cashier at Winn-Dixie for the the same pay? Everyone who is already earning more than $15 an hour will demand a raise, but that’s not all.

Imagine, now, you run a small business, a produce stand, perhaps. You can’t afford to pay your employees $15 an hour. It’s illegal to pay them less. You have to fire one or two. You have to cut their hours. You have to cut your profits. You have to raise your prices, which means losing customers. You can’t afford to put as much money back into your business. You go out of business.

Imagine, now, you’re McDonald’s. You can afford to pay everyone $15 an hour, but c’mon, you’re McDonald’s, and you’re not going to cut your profits, and you don’t want to lose your stock value, so you cut hours, cancel benefits, and fire non-essential employees.

Now, all these people who got bumped up to $15 an hour lose half their work time. Those who were already around $15 an hour demand an equivalent raise or they leave the work force for an easier job. Now, people don’t have as much money to spend because of the raise of wages.

A bump from $8.46 (Florida’s minimum wage) to $15 is not feasible, not now; not recovering from Covid-19, and not in the next few years.

I don’t understand how people can think that a minimum wage hike to $15 will help Americans. It won’t. It’s a death trap.

I understand that minimum wage is supposed to be a wage from which one can live, but how can the wage hike be successful if a person’s work hours are cut?

$10 an hour at 40 hours a week equals $400 a week. $15 an hour at only 20 hours a week equals $300 a week. I guarantee that if a nationwide raise goes around 99% of businesses will cut jobs and hours. It will ruin the economy. It will cause mass unemployment, and there will be an increase in a need for welfare benefits, and since people won’t be working, there won’t be anyone to pay into those benefits.

Use your brain, people. Do math, please. It will require several cost of living raises over the span of 6 to 8 years to slowly bump everyone in the workforce up a few dollars an hour, and we haven’t even touched salary workers, tip workers, salespeople who earn through commissions, and you know what? I’m not going to discuss it because you won’t be able to understand it anyway.

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