Day 126: Fuck Your Five-Car Garage - Andrew Folts
Day Fuck Your Five Car Garage Andrew Folts

Back in high school, I was the designated hippie in my friend group. Mostly because I wore Birkenstocks and talked about philosophy.

But the truth is I wasn’t much of a hippy.

I spent my twenties going to the most expensive colleges in the country and followed that financial disappearing act by trying to shop my way to happiness and creativity.

I bought fancy drums and cymbals and music equipment and clothes and shoes. Basically, anything I could lay my debit card on.

Last summer, though, I had to quit my freelance design business because of arthritis in my fingers and went broke instantly. I was filling out job applications at two in the morning, like

Can I live with myself if I have to sell Guitar Center’s credit card to desperate musicians forty hours a week?

I knew taking a shitty full-time job would lead straight back to depression, so I made a spreadsheet and hacked my expenses down to $600/mo, which my part-time running store job could cover.

I sold my drum set, guitars, and PlayStation. I started eating a vegan and buying everything in bulk.

It was painful at first, but I don’t miss any of it now.

I’m more creative than I’ve ever been and every possession I give away is a deposit into my existential “fuck you” fund.

More is expensive, but less is always free. (:

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