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I’m in it for the MONEY Nicholas Gies

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I’ve got a confession…I’m in it for the money!

Well…let me explain.

Often you hear people in various lines of work exclaim “I’m not in it for the money!”. Especially in my field, the coaching and fitness industry, where those same people will qualify that statement by adding “I just want to help people” (or some other iteration).

Their reasoning? I’m not sure really, but my hunch is that it is to portray a persona of Martyrdom [1] to convince people that they are trustworthy or some other noble personality trait. A weird twist on Virtue Signalling [2], so they can ‘make sure’ people understand that they are in their profession for the right reasons. I get it, no one wants to look like a scheming, money-hungry, corporate, immoral, narcissistic shill, whose sole purpose as a professional is to suck as much money out of you as possible while delivering a subpar product or service. But I’m also certain most of the “Not in it for the money” crowd are in fact in it for the money. I’m just more honest and therefore more virtuous 😉

But just so you are aware…if you are actually not in it for the money, you are performing a HOBBY, and you are in fact not striving to be a PROFESSIONAL in your chosen field.

No one wants to make so little money that they are barely able to survive, living off credit cards and stressed all the time wondering how bills are going to be paid. That doesn’t seem like a fun or sustainable lifestyle, and definitely not what I want from my career (I’m assuming you don’t either). No one can buy food with the warm feelings that helping people can bring [3].

This is my take, if you are not making much money you are either just starting out or you aren’t very good at what you do. I was dirt poor when I started coaching (thank goodness for my now fiance!), but I loved what I did, and needed to find a way to generate a consistent income so I could actually do what I wanted to do FOR MANY, MANY YEARS.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about making millions or flying private jets (but if that’s your goal that’s cool too!). But if you are not at least partly focused on making money from your chosen career path, then you are going to struggle and resent whatever you do. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, or “in it” for the wrong reasons if you think this way. Why not make boatloads of money? It will allow you to do many cool things for yourself (and more importantly, for others) and enjoy what you do that much more.

Here’s what making more money will do for you professionally:

  • Allow you to expand your operations (facilities, product development, etc) to help more people.
  • Increase how much you can spend on professional development (seminars, courses, mentorship programming, business coaching, etc).
  • Create sponsorship/donation/charity programs (because you make enough money elsewhere you CAN do that).
  • Purchase high-end equipment to improve the services you offer.
  • Spend more on marketing.
  • Hire other professionals, thereby spreading wealth to others.

Here’s what making more money will do for you personally:

  • Travel and experience what the world has to offer (No Karen, Netflix docu’s don’t count).
  • Provide for your family properly.
  • Help put your kids through school.
  • Buy a house (and many other adult things).
  • Not be dependent on anyone else, and stand on your own two feet.
  • Spend more time/money on charitable or philanthropic ventures.

The caveat to this whole thing is that you need to still deliver services that are mutually beneficial for you and your clients. You need to provide them with results and value, while also making money for yourself. If you screw people over, gouge them financially, and under deliver, then you are just a money-hungry narcissist like I described previously. Then you are a bad person. But if you truly care about your clients, and want to serve them for decades, you need to make money. They aren’t mutually exclusive but intimately intertwined.

So now get out there, and Make. That. Money.

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