The Ultimate guide from EVADAV about the COVID impact

People are holding onto their money more than ever, more than they did in the 2008 recession. This is having a major impact on not only ecom, but all kinds of verticals where ultimately, money has to exchange hands. But there a lot of niches where this money will be spent by humanity.

So as an affiliate marketer, what can you promote now? That is the ultimate question. EVADAV gives clear answers about traffic growths across the whole globe we seeing now and main verticales for work:

People need food — so app installs of grocery delivery, or restaurant ordering apps will be a good idea.

People need money — so opportunities to make money, work at home jobs like filling surveys, courses and moreover gambling and finance industries shows unbelievable high performance (except betting).

People are bored in a home trap — Entertainment and gaming will be the answers for most for the upcoming weeks. Think about different desktop and mobile games, NETFLIX, Amazon, HBO, etc and especially about special video content — webcams, adult site, dating chats…. all of that are safe and helps people get distracted.

People need masks and toilet paper (lol but true)… — so any offers related to household hygiene products will bring to you the gorgeous results. Especially on the push and in-page mobile traffic where users make the fastest decision in real-time.

People finally have time to education and mind mapping — Educational programs, insurance offers, psychology offers, Nutra mind and health products, astrology and all stuff for which we never had enough time before corona impact.

EVADAV wish you to stay safe and make the right decision while quarantine times going.

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