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Hello guys, I would like to talk about how the streamers make money from twitch and then on a few key parts of the article you will have a link to a website that has really good freelancers that will set up and design all of your twitch account and get it ready to stream.

Twitch.tv, the Amazon-owned livestreaming video platform, is a major player in both the video game and online video industries. twitch livestreams broadcast the gamer playing a video game, while fans livechat and engage with both the streamer and fellow followers in a chatroom setting. Professional Twitch streamers can make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars per year by sharing live videos on the platform.

How do Twitch streamers make money?

A primary way that Twitch streamers can earn revenue is channel subscriptions. As Twitch explains, “subscriptions let your community support you on a consistent basis and get rewarded with exclusive perks for doing so.” Twitch splits the subscription revenue with streamers, meaning that streamers earn half of all subscription fees.

Viewers may choose from three sub-tiers for monthly subscriptions:

$4.99 — $9.99 — $24.99Subscription fees grant viewers additional perks, with each tier corresponding to better rewards.

Channel subscribers can support their favorite Twitch influencers by purchasing Twitch’s virtual currency known as “Bits.” Users can purchase Bits in the following denominations: the Bits can go from $1.40 up to $308.00

These Bits can be redeemed to “Cheer” — users simply type “cheer” in their chat box and enter the number of Bits they want to spend.

Twitch fans can also give pure donations via Paypal, Patreon, or other creator donation platforms.

They can also make more with Ad revenue. Its another monetization channel for popular Twitch streamers.

Twitch streamers frequently partner with brands, a niche of influencer marketing that’s gamer-specific where they can make even more deals.

Twitch streamers can attract sponsorship deals as individual players or by joining a team that’s part of an eSports league.

Streamers can design and sell customized merchandise through their channels. Popular types of merch include apparel (especially t-shirts and hoodies), hats, coffee mugs, stickers, and phone cases.

So after reading all this, who doesn’t want to become a streamer too right?

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Hope you find this article useful and good luck!

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