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Ways To Make Extra Money While Out Of Work Due

With anything in life, if you are not motivated to do something, chances are you probably will never do it. During this time away from work due to Covid-19, you are probably trying to figure out what you are going to do. How the bills are going to be paid or even if you just want to be lazy but want to keep your self motivated for your return to work.

During this time of being off, you are probably being overwhelmed with kids out of school, making sure the house stays clean and the worry of not catching the virus. But did you know during these difficult times you can make money at home to help ease some of the burden from being without work?

Taking Surveys

Well, I am here to show you a few ways that can make a few extra dollars. The first way if you are just looking to find a couple of extra bucks is by taking online surveys. Surveys are not a get rich quick by any means, but if you need an extra five or ten dollars a day depending on which website you use can quickly be done.

I have tried about every survey site you could think of trying to find the one that paid the fastest and the one that paid the most. After completing surveys night and day to get a few extra bucks, I got nowhere, not making at times a dollar. But I ran across a site called Qmee one day, and this website here pays out the same day within seconds it does not matter how much you have it in there to transfer as long as you got a penny it will go into your account. After five days in a row, Qmee surveys increase in pay.

Another excellent website for surveys is Swagbucks. They not only do surveys, but Swagbucks allows you to earn money in many different ways, from watching videos to making cashback from some of the top brands around the globe. The only downside to this website is it will take you about seven to ten days to receive your money.

The other site I found to be fast and good about paying out is Survey Junkie. This website is only surveys, and there are some pretty decent paying surveys at times. Survey Junkie will, at times, have some survey market research studies you can do. I have made quite a good bit of money doing these. Most of the research pay from $50 to $150 depending on the length of the study. So this is a site you want to check out.

Become A Freelancer

Many people today have chosen to work for themself instead of working in the corporate world. Being able to be their own boss and have the freedom of working when is convenient for them. There are many websites to get started on as a beginner in the freelance field.

The first site to create a job listing is Fiverr. Here you can create and promote just about anything you can think of. Fiverr gives you the option when creating the gig to include packages, whereas you can create a tier for your services. Although there is a lot of competition of Fiverr it can be very profitable if promoted right.

Upwork is the next website and one of my favorites platforms to work on. An advantage Upwork has is you can search for the jobs you would like to bid on or not. With Fiverr, you are just able to create the gig, and you have to wait until someone comes along and finds your gig. Upwork you find the gig you want, submit a proposal, and if you are accepted, then you complete the task and get paid. is my favorite freelance platform when it comes to choosing one of these three websites to work from. Freelancer is much like Upwork, but on this website, you don’t have near as much spam as you get on the others. Also, on this website, you can choose the free version of the platform or pay a small monthly fee to use it, and I advise you to take advantage you of it and pay for a package you can afford as it will help you get clients much faster.

Learn How To Become A Writer

Right now, the writing industry is booming. There are so many jobs in writing, no matter if new to writing or someone who has been writing for ten years, you can find work. Also, there are many sites that you can pay a fee upfront, and they will teach you how to become a successful writer as well as do all the work for tracking down jobs so you can start making money in no time.

The one I like most is Contena. This site here is $99 a month for six months, but it is worth every penny of it. It also has jobs that pay the right amount of money.

Next is Medium, and it is an excellent place to start your blog or to use it as a portfolio for your writing work. Medium is one of the largest blogging platforms on the internet, even though over the last couple of years, it has seen a decrees in readers, it has started to make a comeback as of late. They have a program where you can pay $4.99 month so the members can rate your article that I recommend to get your articles where they are seen.

You can also find writing jobs on Upwork and Fiverr as well. Almost all of the freelance websites will have jobs posted for writing on them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you promote one’s business or product by posting links in what you are describing, and every time someone clicks on your link and buys something, you get a percentage of the sale. Just about every company on the internet has an affiliate program, so there is something for everyone’s niche.

Beginning an affiliate program is easy, but after you sign up one thing, most affiliates don’t want to tell people how actually how hard getting people to click your links cause most places to see them as spam, and I learned this the hard way.

So far me the platform to use starting was Amazon. Millions of people visit Amazon every day, and with their affiliate program, you can market a specific product to your niche, or you can market amazon as a whole and make a commission off anything on Amazon website.

Another one that will accept you into their program right away is Clickbank, and it is an excellent platform for affiliates, and they have some high ticket items on their website, so just a few clicks, and you can be making some serious money.

Customer Service Jobs

There are also jobs with more permanent roles for anyone looking for a job long term. Even if you never had any experience working as a customer service representative, you might want to consider checking these jobs out, and some companies also supply you with everything you need, such as a laptop and headset.

One company we all know is Amazon. They have many work from home jobs to choose from. They also offer pretty decent pay as well, starting at $13 an hour. Amazon is a company that is continuously growing, so this is a company that you can rely on for years for work.

American Express is a company as well; they have a wide range of work from home jobs. They also give you a laptop and the tools you need for the job. The pay starts out at $10 hour and from everything I hear it is a pretty decent company to work for.

Being off work during this time due to Covid-19 many jobs work from home in the corporate industry that you should check out especially if you want something that is permanent so when this is over you won’t have to worry about your job before. You can do your work from the comfort of your own home. The only thing about most of these jobs they are your regular working hours. So you are expected to do your job just as you would if you were in the office but you still get the freedom of working from home.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are not, by any means, a job that can replace your primary income. But in times of need, when there is nothing else to do but sit at home, it can make you a few extra dollars to help the burden of no money coming in. These jobs are jobs anyone can do. They consist of transcription jobs, filling out surveys, or drawing squares around specific items.

The platform I use most and where I got the money to start other things is Amazon Mturk. To me, this is the most consistent of all the micro-jobs sites. These jobs range in pay anywhere from 0.1 cents to around $1.00. The more you do them, the more you will get the opportunity for some higher paying work on the site. The most I made in one month was $240, which could help buy some groceries or even pay a bill so it can help out.


Most all these sites are not going to make you tons of money. But seeing that our country is facing a difficult time right now and millions are without a job. I wanted to give my take on the sites that helped me go from being broke and having nowhere to stay to using every one of the websites to get me back on my feet.

I spent some days 16 to 20 hours a day doing surveys so that I could have 20 dollars to my name. I worked micro-jobs night and day so that I could have 50 dollars at the end of the week, but it was better than nothing that I took the little money I got to now being able to work for myself and have a little money in my pocket.

So I hope this helps the ones that read this that are out there today wondering what they are going to do about money. I also want to say I hope everybody stays safe, and we will pull through this together, and we will be stronger than we were before as Americans.

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