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A woman wears a white button-down shirt and full skirt.

Cos to launch Bauhaus-inspired capsule collection in November

Between blankets, sneakers, and miniature models, the Bauhaus centennial this year has provided endless inspiration for design-minded brands everywhere. And what...

DocMagic gets lenders started with eClosing | 2019-09-19

Providing borrowers with a simple, streamlined eClosing process is critical in today’s competitive mortgage industry. From a borrower standpoint, eClosings can add convenience...
da Cecilia

Construct Organisation Credit By Choosing Your Business’S Name Wisely

Undoubtedly, you are not entering into Boston real_estate to make buddies. That's how the mortgage companies and banks make A Great Deal Of...
Penn profits

Fix-and-flip loan dollar volume hits 13-year high as profits drop

The dollar volume of financing to buy fix-and-flip properties increased 31% annually to its highest level since the heights of last decade's real...

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