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Anupama Garla

Prospecting LA’s Backyard Houses with Machine Learning

Project 5 of 5 conducted at the METIS Data Science Immersive tackling a business problem of my own makingBackyard House Prefabricated Unit courtesy...
Fighting coronavirus isolation in my coliving community

Fighting coronavirus isolation in my coliving community

COVID-19 is already starting to pull at the edges of society, throwing into sharp relief the limits of stringent individualism—long a...
Mike W. Hickerson

A House Possessed – Mike W. Hickerson

Credit:SEPH LAWLESSI think this house is trying to kill meLike many, in the 1970s I dealt with Real Estate in Southern CA. Through...
A train emitting a lot of smog and pollution travels on a bridge over a river. Illustration.

Is Portland, Oregon, a green city?

A dozen cars idle in standstill traffic on a dark winter morning; the rain and the quivering reflections of headlights on...
Sophia Georgiou

10 BEST Kept Secrets About Selling Your Home FAST! – Sophia Georgiou

Selling your home can be long exhausting process.What if I told you with a few tips and tricks you could put your home...

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