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A green building solution moves east

Bellevue firm scammed millions from unhappy timeshare owners, AG alleges

For thousands of consumers hoping to shed restrictive and expensive timeshare contracts, one Bellevue company’s promise to “get you out...
Tobias Schnellbächer

How to Successfully Use Native Ads for Real Estate – Tobias Schnellbächer

Who the heck does still use native ads for real estate? Isn’t this a completely obsolete and outdated marketing method?Well, if that’s the...
Scott Taylor

5 Reasons North Park San Diego is a Great Place to Live in 2020

Are you looking to buy in one of the hottest Millennial neighborhoods in the country, an area that’s been on the upswing for...
jack Mathew

Top Uses Of Drone – jack Mathew

Uses of dronesInstruments, generating remotely sensed data from the surface of the earth comprised of pilot-flown aircraft are considered as the first generation...
Adriaan Grové

Self-driving cars and the future real estate transaction

I can watch this for hours. It gives a bit of visual insight into the amount of computing power that goes into self-driving...

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