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Best TV stands and media consoles under $400

Best TV stands and media consoles under $400

Whether we like to admit it or not, television is a huge part of many of our daily routines. And while...

How non-qualified lending lives up to its 400% growth expectation

The market for non-qualified mortgages has been robust thus far in 2019, offering a pragmatic option for otherwise viable borrowers, as long as...

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How a New Law Affects Ginnie Mae’s VA Securities

Fannie Mae Examines Economic and Housing Trends

More rate cuts are on the horizon. At least that's what Fannie Mae's Economic and Strategic Research Group has projected in its latest...
Bay Area

Bay Area real estate a bargain? In some places, maybe

Despite a record streak of higher real estate prices, some economists believe homes in certain Bay Area communities should be considered a bargain....
CFPB headquarters

New villain in battle over CFPB mortgage rule: Appendix Q

Mortgage lenders are urging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to overhaul a set of little-known guidelines for how they document a borrower’s creditworthiness.As...

How Savvy Investors Create a High ROI on Their Time

The old adage says that time is money. Real estate investors know just how true this is. It’s a time-consuming business, particularly as...

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