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How non-qualified lending lives up to its 400% growth expectation

The market for non-qualified mortgages has been robust thus far in 2019, offering a pragmatic option for otherwise viable borrowers, as long as...

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With Expo 2020 in Sight, Off Plan Properties in Dubai keeps on drawing in...

In the past decade, Dubai has been recognized globally as the leading tourist destination and also the commercial hub. Apart from this, countries...
Leax Foundation - Leaxcoin (LEAX)

The Positives And Negatives Of Acquiring A Real Estate Property In Dubai

Over the last two decades, Dubai has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for real estate investment. But as with any...
Cal Poly Administration and Finance

Homes, exclusively for faculty and staff, available in affordable, friendly community

Photo from Bella MontañaFor local residents, it’s no secret that living in San Luis Obispo is costly. Monthly rent can creep up to...
An aerial view of the home shows mature trees, a grassy lawn, and the ocean with boats on it in the distance.

Glass-walled contemporary on Block Island asks $1.6M

We love to ogle interesting real estate in our House of the Day column, but it can be hard to find...

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