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New Investors Should Absolutely Self-Manage Their Properties

The common advice from many real estate investors is to hire a professional property manager to handle your investment properties from day one....

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David Imrie

Win-Win Negotiation: Possible and Desirable – David Imrie

Negotiation is the process by which two or more parties attempt to reach an agreement. The definition is simple, but the process can...
Logan Mohtashami

Here’s where the real housing affordability crisis exists

In the age of quick news cycles and social media, it can be hard to make heads or tails of housing market news....
atoLL Realtors

Warehouse for rent in Siliguri Sahudangi — Atoll360 Warehouse for rent

Warehouse for rentUnder construction — 20,000 Sq. Ft. READY FOR POSSESSION (another 20000 Sq.Ft will be ready for possession within three months)Vacant space...
Tips for better interior lighting—no electrician needed

Tips for better interior lighting—no electrician needed

The right lighting can make a room feel cozy and welcoming. In the rooms where we work, proper illumination can make...

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