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Joe Langner

The loan origination system is dated in the digital mortgage era

It's now been 40 years since the first "computerized loan origination system" was launched, which gave lenders the ability to match borrowers with...
Rihanna House

Singer KT Tunstall Re-Lists Venice Bungalow

Scottish musician and singer/songwriter KT Tunstall, who rose to radio fame and a 2007 Grammy nomination for her vocal performance of the single “Black...

How to find the sweet spot between procrastination and desperation

I need to confess something to you So, a little confession’s good for the soul, right? I feel like I need to confess something...
Guilherme Marmerola

Why you should join Loft as a Data Scientist – loftbr

Want to have this view at the end of your workday?Loft’s mission is to disrupt the real-estate market, transforming painful and bureaucratic processes...

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