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A still from the film Black Panther showing the city of Wakanda.

What top movies and TV shows of the last decade say about our cities

During the age of peak television and rapidly proliferating streaming services, TV and film viewers have had more choices than ever,...
Motor City's Foreclosure Payment Purgatory

Motor City’s Foreclosure Payment Purgatory

Despite programs aimed at reducing property tax foreclosures in the city, around one in four Detroit homeowners owes more in delinquent property taxes...
Living room with round skylights and round conversation pit.

Futuristic modern home goes all in on curves near Moscow

You don’t so much live in a house like this, as you do ogle and explore it. Dubbed “The House in...
truedialog security

TrueDialog left millions of your texts unsecured, when will they learn?

As WeWork continues to self-immolate, news about Adam Neumann’s golden parachute and Softbank’s plans to salvage the company dominate the headlines. There are...

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