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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Agencies release update on capital proposal for CRE assets

WASHINGTON — The federal banking regulators issued a new proposal Friday asking for further public comment on changing the definition of a “high...
FHA clarifies certification requirements to streamline HECM lending | 2019-05-09

HUD earmarks $43 million for housing counseling agencies | 2019-05-31

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has set aside $43 million to fund grants for hundreds of housing counseling organizations, the agency...
surprise realtors want you to be able to raid your rrsp to buy your kid a house

Reasons Bold Leads Is Outstanding Among Most Lead Generation Agencies

The availability of lead generation services are unlimited in today’s market. Realtors can get their jobs done in a click of a mouse. However,...

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da Cecilia

personal loan top up offer – Lmoh

personal loan top up offerpersonal loan top up offerAnswer : I recommend you this site where you can find the best solutions for...
Housing's Impact on Economic Growth

What Weighs on Housing – DSNews

Consumer spending remains the primary driver of the current economic expansion, according to the latest commentary from the Fannie Mae Economic and Strategic...
da Cecilia

Tips for Selecting the Right Real Estate Appraiser – Johngross

A real estate appraisal is a professional appraiser’s neutral opinion of a property’s value, mainly taking into account its current state and prevailing...
Low appraisals, weed, & rent control

Low appraisals, weed, & rent control

I’ve been getting lots of phone calls and emails about low appraisals over the past couple months. Is something in the water? What’s...

Construction activity reflects a mixed outlook for recession

The residential construction market is giving off conflicting signals about whether the nation is heading toward a downturn, according to a new BuildFax...

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