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Ben Wright

Top 5 Apartment Communities in Kansas City – Ben Wright

Kansas City is home to many awesome things — barbeque, the Chiefs, and Blues music to name a few. But it is also...
Real Estate News

Reasons to buy an apartment in DLF Ultima, Gurgaon – Real Estate News

Major commercial zones like Gurgaon tend to become thriving residential hubs. This is simply because a city must offer a modern infrastructure to...
Ellie Perlman

The Pros and Cons of Owning an Apartment Building – Ellie Perlman

It appears that lately everyone wants to own an apartment building. Experienced investors, novice investors, “mom and pop” operators, foreign investors — they’re...

What to expect in the Super Luxury Apartment in Trivandrum?

The aim of buying super luxury apartments in Trivandrum has been gaining very popular among the populace. While this has influenced in establishment...
Retal Residence

Before Taking An Apartment For Rent In Khobar

The key things to consider before getting an apartment for rent in khobar are as follows:· Transport: Take into account how far is...
Small Apartment

Smallest average apartment units aren’t where you might guess – HousingWire

Despite almost every pop culture New York apartment appearing massive, the overwhelming stereotype for the average Big Apple apartment is often more akin...
maverick mansions

Apartment in Sofia Bulgaria. Passive home? What’s the trick ?

An apartment in Sofia Bulgaria. 600m altitude quite “near” Greece. In case the wing blows from north it gets colder in the winter....
Facade of of blue townhouse development shows angular roofline and mismatched windows.

Portland apartment building, Origami, is a fresh take on townhouses

In Portland, Oregon, Waechter Architecture recently competed a residential development that manages to break out of the conventional boxy apartment building...

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Stockdale Leggo

Step By Step Guide To Investing In Real Estate Marketing

Do you have an interest in real estate? Your answer should be yes, right!!! This answer can be accepted because this field has...
CFPB Seeking Comments on the GSE Patch

CFPB Gives Update on Disaster Preparedness, Regulation

On Thursday, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Kathleen L. Kraninger appeared before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs to...

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