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Lendo platform

Germany approves tokenized real estate bond sale – Lendo platform

According to Coindesk, a startup called Fundament, has been given the green light in Germany to issue the first tokenized real-estate backed bond...
Congress approves a 4-month rescue of flood insurance program | 2019-06-04

Congress approves a 4-month rescue of flood insurance program | 2019-06-04

Congress passed a bill late on Monday, two days after the start of the U.S. hurricane season, that extends the National Flood Insurance...
Appeals court revives class-action suit against Nationstar for redundant flood insurance | 2019-05-13

New York Court approves representation for mortgage borrowers in Ditech bankruptcy | 2019-05-21

The Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District New York denied Ditech’s motion Friday to dismiss the formation of a consumer committee to protect...

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Shop TV decor from ‘Friends,’ ‘Big Little Lies,’ and more

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Rush to refi

Refinancings surge, purchase applications rise on sharp rate drop

While last week's large drop in interest rates sparked a surge in refinance activity, purchase mortgage application volume increased for the first time...
HUD Secretary Ben Carson

HUD plan to alter anti-discrimination rule called ‘deeply cynical’

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has published a proposed a rule that would amend its “disparate impact” standard to effectively make...
Harmony Home Buyer

Some Tips on How to Price Your Home for Sale – Harmony Home Buyer

The first thing which comes in mind while a person decides to sell house fast for cash is what should be the best...

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