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Harish Chandra Sharma


Imagine! How great it would be if you have an expert to lend you a helping hand to manage your real estate business...
FHA Announces New Deputy Assistant Secretary

FHA Announces New Deputy Assistant Secretary

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced Joseph Gormley as its new Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Single-Family Housing, effective January 21.  Gormley...
Home interior with curved glass shower.

Prefab home from Nestrom comes with AI assistant

Tiny home makers all have a calling card. Whether it’s pay-as-you-go minimalism or maximum customer convenience, it helps to know what...
David Karandish, CEO, Capacity

A virtual assistant for lenders’ employees

David Karandish, the CEO and co-founder of the artificial intelligence chatbot startup Jane.ai, has rebranded the company and taken it in a different...

21 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Everyone likes to win, but only the top performers position themselves to be victorious. How do they do this? Top performers have a...

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Zillow President of Media and Marketplace Greg Schwartz leaving to take "gap year"

Zillow is terminating closing contracts, citing coronavirus concerns

The concept and perceived benefit of iBuyers rests in the little “i” in front of the word. It stands for “instant,” because when...
Stock market

There’s a subreddit that is literally moving the stock market

I don’t gamble. RIP to Mister Kenny Rogers, but this whole folding, holding, walking, running business is bad for my heart. So playing the...
Ubitquity LLC

Ubitquity: Client Case Studies – Ubitquity LLC

Blockchain technology, with its potential to transform the way transactions are conducted and completed, in addition to providing a safe, secured as well...
Living room with pink couch and blue curtain hanging in background.

Small apartment makes big statement with curtains

Walls are irrelevant in this bold apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Local studio Ater Architects renovated the small residence for a young...
Stay at Home Order for Bay Area Counties

Stay at Home Order for Bay Area Counties

The City and County of San Francisco, along with Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, as well as the...

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