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Mortgage Tech Rundown: CoreLogic, TapCap, EXOS and HOMEBOT | 2019-06-13

Mortgage Tech Rundown: Anow, LoanScorecard and FormFree | 2019-07-18

Anow, an appraisal management software company, announced the release of a new cloud software suite that connects appraisal companies to form service networks that...
This city is the nation's hottest housing market right now | 2019-05-28

Only half of Americans can afford an entry-level home | 2019-07-22

Just over half of Americans can afford an entry-level home as affordability issues continue to plague the nation’s housing market, and the situation...
Fannie Mae Announces Credit Insurance Risk Transfer Transactions

Fannie Mae Finalizes Reperforming Loan Sale

Fannie Mae has announced the results of its twelfth reperforming loan sale transaction. The sale was originally announced on June 13 and included...
The Impatient Trader

Elegant Cyprus Properties – property for sale in limassol cyprus

property for sale in larnaca town centreProperty for sale in Limassol is prime for enterprise people, researchers, and anybody in search of a...
“Nice Try! Utopian” host Avery Trufelman

‘Nice Try!’ podcast: Live taping with host Avery Trufelman and Caity Weaver

Utopias do not exist. If you’ve tuned in to Curbed’s hit podcast, Nice Try! Utopian, you’ve heard host Avery Trufelman echo...

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