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The Big Picture | Urban Omnibus

The Big Picture | Urban Omnibus

Detail of a photo essay in the 1969 Plan for New York City Earlier this year, it seemed change might be coming to...
“Over Asking” at The Ritz (But at a Real Big Loss)

“Over Asking” at The Ritz (But at a Real Big Loss)

As we outlined earlier this year: Purchased as new for $1.53 million, or roughly $1,284 per square foot, in...

How to Decorate Simply for the Holidays (With Big Impact)

Focus on these three areas to maximize your decor efforts. You may have dreams of decorating...
Big cities see big dips in housing inventory

Big cities see big dips in housing inventory

As builders struggle with the rising cost of labor and building goods, the number of homes for sale has declined. According to the...
The homeowners kitchen during her dinner preparation with supplies out.

How to host Friendsgiving—or any big meal for the first time

Writer and cook Emily Stephenson has been hosting a Friendsgiving in one form or another for more than a decade. Over...

Go Green with These Big and Small Ideas

Go Green with These Big and Small Ideas
Spacious living room with upholstered teal sectional sofa, wooden cabinets in the kitchen,a and a wall of windows leading to the outdoor patio.

Modern house in the desert is big on shape and texture

In Phoenix, Arizona, local architecture firm The Ranch Mine worked with a family to transform an old home on a stellar...
The corner of a well-lit room showing an exposed-bulb table lamp, a flat-screen TV, a black leather chair with a blanket draped over it, a turntable, and a black floor lamp. Records are visible in a sideboard to the left.

Airbnb bets big on business travelers

Andrew Kitchell has a long history with Airbnb. A tech entrepreneur in San Francisco, Kitchell listed a couch in his apartment...
The set for the Central Perk coffee shop, featuring an orange tufted couch, tables, chairs, and the bar at the back.

Shop TV decor from ‘Friends,’ ‘Big Little Lies,’ and more

The most memorable shows on TV have more than just great dialogue, intriguing characters, and addicting plot lines—they also have eye-catching...
Trade groups cast doubt over FHA’s attempt to remove lending roadblocks | 2019-07-15

House committee: Big bank leadership is mostly white, mostly male | 2019-08-13

A review of the nation’s largest banks reveals that not a single female or minority sits at the helm as CEO. This revelation was...

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Millennial refinances hit new high in October

The share of refinances closed by Millennials increased in October to an all new high, according to the latest Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker...
Tom Hutchens is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

Future of Non-QM Depends on Strong LO, Lender Partnerships

As a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, I recently wrote about the tremendous future of non-QM lending and I believe my...
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Fed considers raising inflation target

Low inflation has been a key component of the cheap mortgage rates that have supported the housing market this year. Now, the Federal...
Why Amazon Is Betting You’ll Buy a Million Dollar Prefab Home

Why Amazon Is Betting You’ll Buy a Million Dollar Prefab Home

Behar is designing a line of Plant Prefab Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), a sort of sleek, modern mother-in-law unit fitted for a backyard....
Alliance Property Buyers, LLC

Affordable Apartments By A&O Realty In Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is the second-most populous city in India, after Delhi with a population of 19.98 million. Mumbai...

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