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Blair Halver

What Is A “Self-Funding” Real Estate Portfolio? – Blair Halver

For Busy Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who want to make above-average returns on their capital…This house essentially “bought itself”.If you’ve been looking...

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Residents enjoy a sunny day in Alamo Square park in San Francisco, with a view of the painted ladies Victorian homes and the city skyline in the background.

Texas real estate rises, California faces affordability issues in 2020

Texas and California represent opposite poles on the spectrum of government ideology⁠—the Golden State’s Democratic supermajority versus the conservative Lone Star...
Joshua Loo

Why Purchasing Real Estate in Singapore is a Bad Idea

Evening View of Singapore’s Central Business DistrictYou have just received a huge amount of funds from a wealthy relative. Recently, you heard from...
Democratic Candidates on the Right Track with Housing Plans

Addressing Affordable Housing with a YIMBY Mindset

Any real estate expert or professional knows the importance of understanding their local market. As the nation struggles with what are calling an...
Wells Fargo settles with Philadelphia over discriminatory lending allegations

Wells Fargo sets aside another $1.5 billion for new fake account payout

During the third quarter of 2019, Wells Fargo set aside $1.6 billion for an anticipated additional payout for its fake account scandal, but...
Mete Varas

Creating a “Data Economy” in the Property Industry – Mete Varas

As we moved from analogue to the digital world, everything we do creates data. Every second we are interacting online is being stored...

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