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sameer BTC

Can Blockchain revolutionize Real Estate? – sameer BTC

I recently came across a really innovative crypto based project which aimed to infuse the power of blockchain into the field of real...

DEED partners with Florida Blockchain Foundation – TeamDeedCoin

Deed community, we appreciate your patience while we have been laying the foundation for the next phase of Deed and reworking the roadmap...
Aveesh Shetty

How Blockchain could disrupt the real estate! – Aveesh Shetty

Blockchain in Real estateReal estate current issuesPhysical deeds can easily get lost or stolen natural disasterStandard paperwork models, digital or not, are often...
Leax Foundation - Leaxcoin (LEAX)

The Effect Of Blockchain Technology Towards Real Estate Thru Tokenization

It seems that all one has to do these days to see something about blockchain technology is go online. Nearly every major news...
A Blockchain and AI solution with a Data Integrity first approach.

A Blockchain and AI solution with a Data Integrity first approach.

LIVE Interview at Futurist19 Conference — Toronto, ON | CANADA ~ Yaron Vorona, VirgilSecurity by Design: A Blockchain and AI solution with a...
Leax Foundation - Leaxcoin (LEAX)

How Is The Real Estate Industry Moving Towards The Next-Level Thru Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is proven to hold the potential to revamp every business vertical. The technology has given a clear indication that it has various...
Bijay Acharya

Blockchain In Real Estate & Transaction – Bijay Acharya

SrcTechnological and digital development is changing the way we do business, innovate or invent. So, people are forced to explore and learn technical...
Andrés Assmus

Urban planning & Blockchain. A case in Latin America : Colombia

In an earlier article, https://medium.com/p/6ac46a68fd2 I have commented on the smart city in Colombia, and I addressed the issue of Governance. Now I...
Covius buying sizable chunk of Chronos Solutions' business | 2019-06-05

Expert: Blockchain to create a new world order for mortgage industry | 2019-07-22

The servicing industry is in dire need of a technology update, and one expert explained blockchain could be the key the industry is...
Leax Foundation - Leaxcoin (LEAX)

Changing The Investment Landscape In The Real Estate Industry Using Blockchain

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of countries that have begun the process of implementing functional and legal...

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Leax Foundation - Leaxcoin (LEAX)

Which Is A Better Investment: Stocks Or Real Estate?

With many financial wizards spreading prophecies of a coming recession, consumers are becoming increasingly hesitant about investing in either real estate or the...
Stella Guan

Buying a Home as a Single Woman in My 20s – American Dream Chronicle

The perspective from a millennial womanWhen I was in my mid-twenties, my living situation became frustrating. I had been living in an apartment...
Freddie Mac Reports Increased Income

Freddie Mac Finalizes $369M NPL Sale

Freddie Mac recently announced it sold via auction 2,243 non-performing residential first lien loans (NPLs) from its mortgage-related investments portfolio. The loans, with...
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For whatever reason, many people find themselves in the situation that they want to sell their house and do not know how to...
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Jon Peters Lists L.A. Condo – Variety

November 12, 2019 12:49AM PT Hairdresser-to-the-stars-turned-powerhouse showbiz executive and movie producer Jon Peters has his house-sized condo atop...

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