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3 “Secrets” to Successful Real Estate Investments – Bruce Fazio – Medium

Bruce FazioFrom the outside of an industry, especially one like real estate investing, it can seem as if those who have made a...
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Everything You Need To Know About Home Mortgages – Bruce Torres – Medium

Mortgages have a lot to do with owning a house. They are complicated and can overwhelm you if you aren’t sure of what...
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All About the Rule of 72

Bruce FazioThe Rule of 72 is an incredibly convenient and rather easy math shortcut that can determine a time frame of anticipated growth...

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12 Strategies for Finding Off Market Deals · Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

  What are off market deals? They are properties that are not YET listed.I have always believed that working with off market deals is...

5 Major Myths About Investing in Real Estate You Might Believe

You would be surprised just how many misconceptions about investing in real estate there are. In this industry, the sheer number of strategies...
Bidding wars rebound from August’s 8-year low – HousingWire

Bidding wars rebound from August’s 8-year low – HousingWire

As the nation’s low-interest rates continue to drive purchasing demand, a report from Redfin indicates America’s bidding competition strengthened in September.  According to the company, 11%...
Daniel Ramsey

$650 Million In Sales — Thanks To MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants!

Matt O’Neill Real Estate is the #1 team in Charleston, South Carolina, with over $650 Million in real estate sold. He’s helped over...

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