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How Commissions Work for New Developments in NYC – Hauseit

There are generally more rules around how commissions are paid to buyer’s agents for new development purchases in NYC, and sponsors are generally...

Increasing Income Through Commissions | Real Estate Investing

Dawn Brenengen’s money story begins a bit differently than most. Dawn’s parents shared their finances with her. She knew what things cost, she...

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Foreigners and ABSD in Singapore – PatkoProperty

“All foreigners who buy properties in Singapore has to pay 20% Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duties”. True or false ? The topic of foreigners...
Home for sale at 2045 Cantigny Way in Tallahassee, FL

Open House In Tallahassee • List Of Open Houses This Weekend

How To Get Buyers Into Your Home (Online) With less than a 1% chance of selling a home, real estate agents continue to hold...
Friday Flash: Love the ones you’re with

Friday Flash: Love the ones you’re with

I received a lot of smart, thoughtful feedback on my post last Friday on iBuyers. One person called me a communist, though, and...
Sachi Hirani

Save now more than ever – Keyo

It might have been an unpleasant and shocking day for a lot of brokers and landlords in New York City on February 5th....

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