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Removing Guns from Potentially Dangerous Persons”

From the Office of the Attorney General: “Are you concerned about a friend or family member who owns a gun and could be a...
“It was a very expensive and fragile system. When it fails, it fails completely and suddenly.” Image via Kevin Klinkenberg.

Dangerous Nostalgia: Why Romanticizing the 1950s and 1960s Won't Get Us Anywhere

Kevin Klinkenberg (Twitter: @kevinklink ) is a Strong Towns member who is Principal at K2 Urban Design and blogs at The Messy City....

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Skiers and skis in bright colors at the top of a mountain.

The best ski resorts and mountain towns in Colorado

What makes a ski town more than just a small town with snow? Maybe it’s the mish-mash of log-cabin storefronts and...
Good Brother Kitchens

Add €40K to your home value! Really?? – Good Brother Kitchens

Let’s say you’re living in a house and it could do with a bit of a refresh, whether it’s a new floor or...
U.S. housing starts rise 3.8% in October

Here come the houses? Building permits reach 12-year high in October

For a housing market desperately in need of some good news on the inventory front, there may finally be some good news. New...
Leax Foundation - Leaxcoin (LEAX)

Technology Improvements In The Real Estate Sector That You Need To Look Out For

The global real estate market has grown tremendously over the last decade. According to an industry survey, the global stock of the market...
Building More Inclusive Environments in Financial Services

Building More Inclusive Environments in Financial Services

Diversity and inclusion are two different concepts, but they go hand in hand in creating a more inclusive environment for employees. Sheri Crosby-Wheeler,...

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