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Michael Yardney

A guide to your pre-settlement inspection – Michael Yardney

Once a homebuyer or investor signs on the dotted line there is a bit of a waiting game before the property finally becomes...
Citigroup branches out into non-QM MBS market

Citigroup branches out into non-QM MBS market

Citigroup’s residential mortgage banking arm has been active the last two years sponsoring mortgage-backed securities of reperforming home loans.Now it is branching out...
Jessica Francis

Brokerage Email List – Jessica Francis

In the earlier days banks and financial institutions carried out sales for their products and instruments on their own. But with the market...
Redfin/ Q2 home prices

Has the market peaked? Builders cut new home prices to meet demand for cheaper...

In the second quarter of 2019, the sale prices for new homes fell 0.5% from 2018 levels. This means prices for new homes reached...

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