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Helpful Tips For When You Are Ready To Donate Land To Charity

Not every eligible charity wants land. For some charities, land is a burden since, if they don’t have a use for it, they...

Why Struggle With Selling? Donate House To Charity!

Do you have a second house and you are tired of paying taxes on it but have been unsuccessful selling it in today’s...

Don’t Let That Property sit, Donate Real Estate! – Vicky

Do you have real estate and are tired of paying taxes on it but are unable to sell? Take a minute to think...

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Share your first-time homebuying story

Share your first-time homebuying story

Buying a home today can feel impossible. We bet when your friends heard that you managed to buy, they all wondered,...
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New Reddit policy on impersonation mimics other social media giants

It’s no surprise that the more connected we are, the harder it becomes to keep something secret. For instance, Amazon’s Echo makes the...
The Industry Pulse: Two Law Firms Merge

The Industry Pulse: New Managing Director at SitusAMC

RERC, a subsidiary of SitusAMC, announced that it has hired E. Tye Neilson, MAI, SRA, MRICS, Esq., as Managing Director to lead RERC's...
Michael Milburn

Don’t Buy a New Furnace Before You Read This. – Michael Milburn

Graphic by HVACquery.comSo, you’re in the market for a new furnace. Do us both a favor and read this before you spend some...

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