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Disgraced Denver developer charged with felony theft — again

Disgraced Denver developer charged with felony theft — again

A disgraced Denver developer who was twice convicted of stealing from clients has been charged with doing it again — while still on...
California’s great data-privacy rush | National Mortgage News

California’s great data-privacy rush | National Mortgage News

As lenders look ahead to 2020, they can thank a well-known...
Bank concerns about CFPB debt-collection proposal.

Will banks be swept into CFPB’s debt-collection rule?

Banks fear the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s debt-collection proposal could unfairly put them in the agency’s firing line, inflate compliance costs and invite...
Felon Tampa Bay Realtor faces possible loss of real estate license

Felon Tampa Bay Realtor faces possible loss of real estate license

A Pinellas County, Fla., Realtor with a controversial past faces possible revocation of his real estate license.In a recently filed complaint, Florida's Department...
John DiIorio is the CEO of 1st Alliance Lending

1st Alliance stops funding mortgages pending state dispute’s resolution

1st Alliance has ceased originating mortgages following the loss of bonding in Connecticut along with financial concerns it links to an unresolved dispute...
Mortgage fraud

Sacramento CEO faces prison for taking over $1M from pensions

A Sacramento CEO has pleaded guilty to embezzling funds from his employees' pensions, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney for...

Former mortgage exec Michael Ashley gets three years in prison

Former Lend America executive Michael Ashley was sentenced to three years in prison for his actions that led to the implosion of the...
Mortgage fraud

Builder admits swindling six aspiring Missouri homeowners

A builder based near the Lake of the Ozarks swindled six families that sought new homes in Kirkwood, Mo., out of $356,000, the...
CFPB finds Freedom Mortgage intentionally reported inaccurate HMDA data | 2019-06-05

Urban Institute to FHA: Want more lenders? Clarify False Claims Act enforcement | 2019-06-21

Under the Obama administration, the Federal Housing Administration ramped up its enforcement of FHA lending policies, teaming with the Department of Justice to...
Ginnie volume

LoanDepot hit with Ginnie Mae sanctions over VA mortgage compliance

Ginnie Mae has restricted loanDepot's ability to securitize Veterans Affairs mortgages because of apparent churning of recent originations. Starting Feb. 1, loanDepot cannot include any...

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