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Folks selling the Family Cabin — Who gets the personal property?

This is not question most people think about when they co-own a family cabin for years. However, distributing family heirlooms out when a...

Single Family vs. Multi-Unit: Which Investment is Right for You?

Just the other day, I had lunch with my investor buddy, who worked for years as a CPA, watching his clients make money...
Peter Casey House

Priscilla Presley Sells Family Home in Brentwood – Variety

Priscilla Presley has sold a ranch-style residence on a little-known, pin-drop quiet cul-de-sac in Los Angeles’ Brentwood area for...

Single Family Vs. Multifamily | Real Estate Investing

Is it better to invest in single family or multifamily rental properties? There are passionate advocates for both of these types of properties. How...

Detached Single Family in McHenry, IL – PropertyUp inc. – Medium

PropertyUp announces this great detached single family home in the Trails Of Winding Creek Subdivision in McHenry, IL. 220 Barnwood Trl, McHenry, IL...

Single Family Home In Schaumburg – PropertyUp inc. – Medium

PropertyUp announces this beautiful detached single-family home in Schaumburg, IL. 1405 Chalfont Dr, Schaumburg, IL 60194. Listed by John Herman of PropertyUp.Rooms: 9 Bedrooms:...

Is It a Good Idea to Invest With Family? | Real Estate

Should you get private money from your family and friends to invest in real estate? For some, it might make sense; for others,...

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Siddhartha Lama

Real Estate: Expectation Vs Reality – Siddhartha Lama

It’s not going to be roses and sunset throughoutPhoto by Tierra Mallorca on UnsplashHaving your own home or your private real estate investment...
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Best Architectural Film to Watch – pure blink

In recent years, architectural film festivals have erupted around the globe, providing critics, theorists, and all architectural thinkers with a new medium for...

Why logos are effective for your Business? – Farhankhattak

hi I m fay a logo Designer from Pakistan,This is my first article about why logos are effective for your business,Researches say that...

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