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Powell: Economy in favorable place in face of significant risks | 2019-08-26

The economy today is thriving with economic expansion entering its 11th year and becoming the longest on record, said Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell...

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Benjamin Ross Realtor

Homeless Crisis of California Spreads to Austin Tx – Benjamin Ross Realtor

The Austin Homeless and the Real Estate MarketAre the Austin homeless and real estate prices linked? Many think so. Apparently, shelter is becoming...
Real Estate Investment Trusts: Safe Bet in a Recession?

Home Values Rose $11.3T Since Great Recession, 2010

Zillow reports that the total value of homes in the U.S. is $33.6 trillion—an increase of $11.3 trillion since 2010 and nearly as...
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Democratic primary: Housing loses when all candidates onstage are white

At last night’s Democratic presidential campaign debate, the final one before the Iowa caucuses, something was notably different from every previous...

10 tips to packing your home efficiently – Graana.com

Source: https://blog.graana.com/10-tips-to-packing-your-home-efficiently/?fbclid=IwAR3OkffUU6F5ovu-pt1n_fUt3FTh-aDhvCCBREu0tohIcQNO-i3n4iiIAeMCongratulations on finding a new house!Easily said by all, but oh the horror of moving while imaging how much effort and hard...

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