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An airy living room has heigh ceilings, a gray two-seater sofa, pale wood coffee table, and a view of the kitchen area in one corner.

Best prefab homes of 2019 include ADU designs, floating house

Whether it’s Kanye’s dome prototypes or Ikea’s plan to design residences for people with dementia, prefab housing of all stripes continued...
The interior of the floating pod lit up with glowing purple lights on the right. A circular bed with blue pillows sits on the left. The whole room is surrounded by rectangular windows looking out to sea and there is a narrow staircase leading to an upper

Anthenea is a solar-powered ‘floating hotel suite’

Half-boat, half-futuristic pod, the Anthenea is a bold take on sea-bound tourism. While we’ve already seen everything from an underwater Maldives...

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