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What's Your WHY for Financial Freedom?

What’s Your WHY for Financial Freedom?

We’ve talked about the important role that mindset plays in multifamily investing, but there’s something that I believe is even more critical to...
The Freedom to Pursue Your Calling – With Ellis Hammond

The Freedom to Pursue Your Calling – With Ellis Hammond

What is your true, God-given calling in this life? Most of us are limited by time and money, so we don’t even dare...
TMS CEO Darius Mirshahzadeh steps down

Freedom Mortgage laying off 171 mortgage servicing employees

Freedom Mortgage was in growth mode last year, acquiring J.G. Wentworth Home Lending and inking a deal to acquire RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing in...
Mason May

How I’m Learning About Real Estate to Gain Financial Freedom

Photo by Precondo CA on UnsplashLiving off passive income is my sole focus in life. Experiencing the world without having a 9 to...
Cody Michael Reilly

3 Years To Financial Freedom Through Real Estate For The W2 Employee

I have to admit that I am extremely fortunate to have experienced the things I have and been pushed into real estate and...

Services Offered by Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne – YOUR MORTGAGE FREEDOM

Buying a home is the goal of many Australians, and something that is somewhat of an achievement. Obtaining the funds to do so...
Patrick Socha

How to Escape the Draws of Modern Financial Traps to Achieve Financial Freedom Sooner

As is the case for many others, I graduated from university at the age of 22 with a fancy piece of paper in...

Freedom Debt Relief Settles CFPB Lawsuit

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has settled its lawsuit against Freedom Debt Relief. As part of the settlement, the Freedom has agreed...
Entrepreneuring Your Way To Financial Freedom | Real Estate

Entrepreneuring Your Way To Financial Freedom | Real Estate

Pete Mockaitis grew up in the cheapest place to live: Danville, Ill. He watched his mother work her way up the local credit...

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A trillion-dollar experiment - HousingWire

A trillion-dollar experiment – HousingWire

America has a housing shortage – no doubt about it. KK Howley,Editor at Large Freddie Mac says the housing market is missing 3.3 million...

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Rarely do we encounter an event that has such far-reaching, worldwide effects. In so many cases, these large events — be they political...
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Tokenized real estate is the future and here’s why – Satoshi’s Castle

The tokenization of real estate is a fad that’s getting popular by the day and is merging blockchain technology and real estate. Tokenizing...

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