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An aerial view of a fish farm with a floating village in the center.

Indigenous design techniques to mine for the future

The rice terraces in Bali look almost otherworldly. For over a thousand years, local communities have cut into the sloping volcanic...
Reef Securities

Reef Securities Inc — The Future of Real Estate – Reef Securities

As we continue to find ourselves in a situation where natural resources are getting depleted at rapid rates, it becomes imperative that we...
Artist Syd Mead’s drawing of hydroponic agriculture in outer space depicts the inside of a massive curved space station that includes a lake, landscaped terraces, and in the foreground, a man in a scientific lab building among plants growing in rows like crops.

Syd Mead: An interview with the artist who illustrated the urban future

Editor’s note: Due to complications of lymphoma cancer, Syd Mead passed away this morning at 4:30am in Pasadena, California, according to...
Photo credit: Getty Images/Natali_Mis

Freddie Mac Forecasts a Vibrant Housing Future

The housing market will see home sales increase from 6 million in 2019 to 6.2 million in 2020 and, to 6.3 million in...
Nathan Sulz

Want to sell your home or looking to buy your dream home for future

Buying a best property according to your requirements is not so easy, it needs lots of time to search and find the best....
The Digital Future of the Real Estate Industry

The Digital Future of the Real Estate Industry

Blockchain technology is the next mega trend. Nevertheless, the concept of blockchain is still largely unknown. We help you better understand the underlying...
The Industry Pulse: Updates on Quicken Loans, Cenlar, and More

Fannie Mae Prepping the Future Housing Leaders

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and Fannie Mae's Future Housing Leaders announced the Future Housing Leaders Fellowship. This new MLT Career Prep track...
Real Estate Investment Trusts: Safe Bet in a Recession?

Home Equity Increases Signal Positive Investment Future

CoreLogic’s report on home equity sheds new light on the current state of affairs in the mortgage real estate market. The report reveals...
remote worker

Remote company Zima says that remote jobs are the way of the future

It’s no secret that remote working has increased across all industries over the last few years. It seems we’ve – somewhat – moved...

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Places to Visit in Victoria BC – alliance victoria

At the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Real Estate Victoria BC is sheltered through mountains and influenced with the aid of the warm...
Massive Potrero Power Plant Project Refined, Slated for Approval

Massive Potrero Power Plant Project Refined, Slated for Approval

The refined plans, development agreement and final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the the proposed redevelopment of the 29-acre Potrero Power Plant site...
A wooden door is the entryway to a beige brick house with a small picket fence garden.

Cute cottage in Carmel asks $1.4M

The seaside town of Carmel, California, has no shortage of eye-catching real estate, and the latest listing to cross our desk...
Multifamily Realty Gains

Is 2020 Your Year to Get into Real Estate? – Multifamily Realty Gains

Finally, got that job promotion you’ve been waiting for? Maybe you and your partner and ready to start a family or take the...
NerdWallet: Here are the top mortgage lenders of 2020

NerdWallet: Here are the top mortgage lenders of 2020

NerdWallet has announced the winners of its 2020 Best Mortgage Lenders list, which ranks the nation’s top mortgage lenders by their ability to best...

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