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Loreli Wilson serves as the director of Inclusion and Social Impact Programs at Veterans United Home Loans

Veterans United Home Loans Looks to the Future of a Diverse American Workforce

As our community demographics are shifting, what are companies doing to keep up with the change and to better serve their customers with...
Dilip Barot

3 Factors Influencing the Future of Real Estate Technology

– By Snehal Desai, Systems Administrator, Creative Choice HomesFrom travel to entertainment to news, almost every industry has been disrupted by technology, save...
Sammamish Mortgage

The Future of How to Navigate the Changing Remodeling Market in 2020

Summary: This article provides information on the home remodeling market and the different forces which shape the home remodeling market. The remodeling market...

UPRETS INSIGHTS | Real Estate Tokenization — the future of property investing?

There is no doubt that real estate tokenization is an emerging trend, representing the intersection of blockchain technology and real estate investing. Tokenization...
Freelance desk

Freelance is the Future? I call bull malarky

Internationally, the coronavirus is forcing everyone to adjust their plans – how often they interact in public, and most definitely whether or not...
Graeme Moore

Polymath and the Future of Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate has always been a prime candidate for tokenization. Deals are slow-moving with a small number of participants, secondary trading of...
How Real Estate Brokers are Recruiting for the Future

How Real Estate Brokers are Recruiting for the Future

We’re living through a truly unique time in the real estate industry, and it’s one that I’m excited to be a part of....
Buying Homes Isn’t Trendy. Renting is The Future. - Roamy.

Buying Homes Isn’t Trendy. Renting is The Future. – Roamy.

The above graph shows the debt-to-income ratio from 1950 to 2010. As this country evolved, salaries and income rose but debt skyrocketed right...
Domenico Amicuzi

Le tendenze future degli immobili ad uso ufficio – Domenico Amicuzi

Le variazioni subite dal mercato real estate in Italia hanno inciso anche per quanto riguarda gli immobili con destinazione ufficio.Per gli immobili ad...
[PULSE] It's time to look at other qualification requirements for future homeowners

[PULSE] It’s time to look at other qualification requirements for future homeowners

More and more low-income Americans are finding it harder to qualify for home loans and financing due to high qualification requirements.  Typically, upper- and...

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Jeff Bhasker Buys Groovy Midcentury Modern House – Variety

Over the years, unmolested and original midcentury modern homes have become increasingly scarce, even in the midcentury mecca that is Los Angeles. So...
Bryan Ziegenfuse

Hottest Real Estate Trends For 2020 – Bryan Ziegenfuse

So you are planning on buying a house in 2020. Making sure you are prepared for that purchase is crucial. With the close...
Fannie, Freddie sell $22.2 billion NPLs through first half of 2019

OpenHouse Editor’s Note on building a business during a pandemic

These are crazy times, I get it. Two weeks ago today, I moved my wife and two young boys from our two-bedroom apartment...
Unemployment Claims Top 3M - DSNews

Unemployment Claims Top 3M – DSNews

In the week ending on March 21, there were  3,283,000 claims for insured unemployment, an increase of 3,001,000 from the previous week's revised...
Carl Orsbourn

How will your job be affected by COVID19? – Carl Orsbourn

Industries where it’s too soon to know the long term effectsPart 3This continues on from the series I’ve been writing about how different...

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