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Mortgage Servicing: Trends and Challenges

The Riskiness of Real Estate

A single home is a risky asset, according to the 2019 Unison Volatility Index. The Index includes three major insights, noting that in...

How to Benefit From Viaz – VIAZ

I call Viaz the sleeping juggernaut because there are days when I spend most of my time getting on and off airplanes. Every...
Is Your Future House Haunted?

Is Your Future House Haunted?

Paranormal activity, suicide, murder, cult activity, famous adulteries — is that dream house a “stigmatized property”? We’ve all heard home-buying horror stories. Sellers backing...
Bank of America

BofA’s plan to sustain its consumer banking mojo

Brian Moynihan says Bank of America has a strategy to offset revenue declines if the Fed cuts rates as expected this year —...
Joe Langner

The loan origination system is dated in the digital mortgage era

It's now been 40 years since the first "computerized loan origination system" was launched, which gave lenders the ability to match borrowers with...

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