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What Is A “Self-Funding” Real Estate Portfolio? – Blair Halver

For Busy Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners who want to make above-average returns on their capital…This house essentially “bought itself”.If you’ve been looking...

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Homebuilder confidence weakens in January

Homebuilder confidence slightly fell this month thanks to labor and supply concerns, according to January’s Housing Market Index. The National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo, which publish...
Meet the Agent: Lesley Semmelhack

Meet the Agent: Lesley Semmelhack

Corcoran associate broker Lesley Semmelhack always loved to redecorate her childhood bedroom. Eventually, the living room also became her domain. Often, her mom...
Sheldon Adelson’s Son Bought a $6.5 Million Starter House – Variety

Sheldon Adelson’s Son Bought a $6.5 Million Starter House – Variety

22-year-old Adam Adelson graduated from USC last year and has wasted little time in transitioning to adult life, having just closed on a...
Wells Fargo settles with Philadelphia over discriminatory lending allegations

Wells Fargo sets aside another $1.5 billion for new fake account payout

During the third quarter of 2019, Wells Fargo set aside $1.6 billion for an anticipated additional payout for its fake account scandal, but...

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