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Kawser Alam

How can I sell my house without paying commissions?

For whatever reason, many people find themselves in the situation that they want to sell their house and do not know how to...
A wooden deck is off of a large A-frame house. There is a wooden dining set on the deck and trees in the yard.

The ultimate A-frame house asks $835K

A-frame lovers, get ready to be blown away: A four-bedroom, four-bath home in Litchfield, Connecticut, boasts not one, not two, but...
How Do You Protect Yourself When Selling a House?

How Do You Protect Yourself When Selling a House?

How do you protect yourself when selling a house? This home seller thinks a buyer might be taking advantage of them after a...

Chanel West Coast Buys Hollywood Hills House – Variety

Though she’s barely out of her 20s, Chelsea Dudley — the reality TV vixen-turned-rapper better known as Chanel West Coast — has been...
Southern California home buying jumps as mortgage rates tumble

Southern California house prices rise modestly in September

Southern California house prices continued rising in September, although gains remain the smallest since the housing recovery began in the spring of 2012,...
Blake Nelson Real Estate

How Quickly Can I Buy a House? – Blake Nelson Real Estate

Hello from Real Estate Land!I got another great question this week. Tiffany, one of my past clients from Leawood, called and her friend...
Water pressure gauge

Does This House Have Good Water Pressure?

A common question that clients ask during home inspections is: “Does this house have good water pressure?” When you’re searching the housing market...

Janice Min Buys $8 Million Brentwood House – Variety

Janice Min, the media executive and former gossip journalist widely credited with revolutionizing pop culture at Us Weekly and orchestrating the Hollywood Reporter’s...
A formal sitting room features wood floors, a striped cream and light green rug, fireplace, and two arm chairs and a velvet couch.

Historic French-inspired house asks $4M

Historic homes are always more fun with a dash of glamor, and today’s listing has elegance to spare. The four-bedroom, six-bath...

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