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Yvonne G Barnett

Best Things to Know Before Buying Property – Yvonne G Barnett

For many humans, having their very own home in the lovely island of America is sort of a dream come true. Just imagine...
Existing home sales

U.S. home sales to foreigners sink on strong dollar, trade wars

Foreign purchases of U.S. residential real estate fell 36% to the lowest annual rate since 2013, as slowing overseas economies, the strong dollar...
Planter next to glass of water

Smart planter Lua has a screen that displays your plant’s ‘feelings’

Plants are like pets; they can’t talk to you, per se, but they communicate nonetheless. They droop, sprout, and grow in...
startup optimize to key metric

Entrepreneurs: You’re unemployable in your own company, must define your role

In my experience, most entrepreneurs are “accidental entrepreneurs.” They happened to be good at something, or they had a unique one-time opportunity to...

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